Project Analysis

Sustainable Energy Advisory

Fenwick Advisers provides a wide range of consulting services to project developers, communities, businesses and investors that have a serious interest in evaluating or undertaking investments in commercial-scale power generation facilities using sustainable energy resources.

The firm's two principals, Dr. Gay and Dr. Clark, CFA, have a combined 50 years of hands-on experience in finance and project development. Their objective is to promote and facilitate viable distributed energy projects for companies and communities throughout the US and Canada.

In conjunction with their sister company, Monarch Wind Power. Drs. Gay and Clark most recently completed development of Monarch I - a highly regarded 20MW project in Illinois that they sheperded from greenfield to 'shovel-ready' status.

Specific services include:

  • ¬†Feasibility Studies

  • Financial modeling using contractual costs and financing options for tax preferences

  • Grant applications, reporting and compliance

  • Regulatory reviews including implications for project size and investment returns

  • Community advisory

  • Fatal flaw assessments with implications for project design

  • Negotiating interconnection agreements

  • Evaluation of turbine choices using on-site wind data

  • Drafting decommissioning and road agreements

  • Consultations with US Fisheries & Wildlife Service